A variety of web hosting services offered for the growth of our clients

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A variety of web hosting services offered for the growth of our clients

In this technically advanced world, it has become impossible for any business to thrive without having a website. A good website has the capacity to influence their sales and thus increase their overall profit. This is because of the increased use of internet among consumers when they wish to obtain information about a product. In order to expand their business, companies are on the constant look out for good web hosting services.

We are known for our state of the art web hosting services. Our services are varied in options and can be availed at an affordable monthly fee. We deal with shared web hosting, reseller web hosting and dedicated web hosting options.

About our shared web hosting services

If you are looking for an affordable yet efficient solution and if your website is not going to be visited by more than a thousand visitors every day, the best option for you would be shared web hosting. In this case, we will allocate a portion of our bandwidth will be shared by several other web sites hosted on the same server. This type of hosting is quite popular among small scale business owners or those who run personal websites.

Avail special reseller packages with us

If you wish to begin a resell web hosting business, you might find our services valuable for we offer great reseller packages. We can provide you and your resellers with a readymade website with a great control panel. Our services also include total business automation and an elaborate product portfolio that will come in handy while dealing with your future customers. Our automation includes finance automation, automation in sales and marketing, automation in managing services and customers.

Our dedicated web hosting services for large businesses

If you are looking for dedicated web hosting services to conduct a large scale business, dedicated hosting is the right option for you. We are known for our completely reliable dedicated hosting services. You might find dedicated hosting to be more expensive than the other options but maximum security for your website can be ensured via this type of hosting. If your website is going to attract much traffic than you can handle, you would doubtlessly require an entire server put to your use. Hence dedicated web hosting will be your best solution.

VPS services offered by us

Another valuable service we offer is our virtual private server. If you are a medium scale business owner and if your business is flourishing, shared web hosting might not be sufficient for your needs. But your business may still not be big enough to go for dedicated hosting services. This is where you will find our VPS services useful. VPS will enable your business to have your own e-mail server unlike shared web hosting. You can also enjoy uniformity of resource usage in the case of VPS as it ensures equal sharing of resources to all the customers. Since a VPS account is isolated in nature, your website would be safe from hackers and other threats.

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